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Company profile

As a joint venture factory, BeSure Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded by senior experts who had devoted themselves into Pulp Molding Industry R&D and practice for more than 20 years. It is a manufacturing enterprise which has the most complete and comprehensive technology strength in machinery and mold of Pulp Molding Industry in China so far.

  • The first OTC-listed company among Chinese pulp molding machine manufacturers.

  • Staff: about 170 employees, including 48 R&D staff, 2 overseas engineers, 3 doctors and 8 masters.Core technical staff has been engaged in pulp molding industry for more than 20 years.

  • An international company powered by China-Europe technical cooperation with R & D center in Europe.

  • Floor space: 38000㎡ with the comprehensive capabilities of making, installation, testing and training thanks to our advanced processing equipments and strong manufacturing team.

  • High-tech enterprise awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • ISO9001 certified company.

  • 50 patents for utility models, 5 patents for inventions,and 3 copyrights.

  • 10 CE certificates covering all machines, CU-TR certificate for hot pressing machine,CSA certificate for egg carton procuction line.

  • IMFA member, China Packaging Association Vice-president Unit, Guangdong Packaging Technology Association Vice-president Unit, Foshan Nanhai Machinery Equipment Association Member.

  • Credible and Reputed Enterprise awarded by State Bureau for Industrial and Commercial Administration.

  • 6 Service Centers in North America, Middle&South America, Europe, Africa, Russia,Asia Pacific to provide local sales consulting and after-sales service.

  • Extending to molded pulp products with 2 molded pulp factories besides pulp molding machines and molds.

  • BST founder is one of the drafters of Chinese pulp molding equipments industry standards.

  • Company philosophies: Harmonious & Honest, Creative & Dedicated, Cooperative & Win-Win.

Company honor

  • CE:pulp molding pulping system

  • CE:pulp molding forming machine

  • CE:pulp molding hot-pressing machine

  • CE:pulp molding drying system

  • CE:pulp moulding rotating forming system

  • CE:pulp moulding rotating forming system

  • CE:Move-out Type Hot Pressing Machine

  • CE:Mechanical Turn-over Type Thermoformer

  • 专利:一种传动机构的安全装置

  • 专利:一种模具合模同步机构及应用该机构的纸浆模塑成型机

  • 专利:一种纸浆模塑成型机的热压下模系统

  • 专利:一种纸浆模塑纸壶成型模具

  • 专利:纸浆模塑湿压式成型机

  • 专利:转移模导引结构

  • 专利:全机械式浆模塑机

  • 专利:变轨式高速堆叠机

  • ISO9001

  • ISO9001

Factory environment

Corporate culture

Our Goal:

To provide pulp molding industry as a whole solution leader, leading the industry development.

Our Value:

Harmony and integrity; Innovation and refinement;

Our mission:

With forward-looking technical reserves and comprehensive research and development capabilities for the development to escort customers; to make "BST" as the leading brand of the world, the creation of a formalized, international, continuous excellence enterprise, as a ideal stage for "Besure people" to achieve self-worth and dream.

Corporate team

  • Sales Department

  • Finance Department

  • Production Department

  • QC Department

  • General Department

  • Engineering Department

  • Technical Department

  • Management layer