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BST participated in the 2018 emergency rescue special drill

Date:2018-12-08 Hits:

Last Friday, BST conducted an annual emergency rescue drill for all employees of the company to further strengthen employees' safety awareness, improve their self-rescue and mutual assistance capabilities, and enable all employees to quickly and effectively in the event of an accident. The most simple and effective rescue for the accident, so that the damage from the safety accident is minimized. Through special drills and trainings, all employees can learn to help themselves and help each other, and do not panic, actively respond, and protect themselves, and improve the ability to respond to emergencies.

BST had invited Peng Lizhen who is the deputy director of the emergency department of the Sanshui District Chinese Medicine Hospital of Foshan City, to give guidance and training.

    The contents of this drill: cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mechanical pinch, falling from high altitude, splashing of dust and iron into the eye, etc.


At the scene, our staff and staff were enthusiastic and listened carefully to the deputy director and head nurse to explain the training materials of PPT. After explaining the training materials, on-the-spot teaching was carried out, mainly on the spot for the most frequent accidents in daily life. And interact with the staff, hand in hand to teach employees a series of emergency rescue methods for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and fracture dressing.



Head nurses cardiopulmonary resuscitation teaching

Bandage for fracture

Through the training, the employees all expressed great benefits, learned about the common sense of injury and the general operation of the site; learned how to work safely in the injured environment, learned the basic field survival ability, how to make simple medical equipment on the spot.

In this training, employees have made great progress in safety concept, safety awareness, safety risk prevention and professional responsibility. Through the development of activities, employees' cohesiveness and centripetal force have been strengthened, and the collective awareness of employees has been improved. The spirit of employee dedication and love.

Safety production training is a long-term and arduous task. It is related to the stable and healthy development of the company. There is a long way to go. In the future, we will continue to do this work in a consistent manner, so that the company's safety training work permit will be on a new level.