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Pulp Molding MoldsPulp Molding Molds

To a great extent ,the quality of the paper pulp molded products is bounded by the processing precision of the paper pulp mould. Superb mould processing technic is a reliable guarantee for the pulp molded products.

Pulp molding industry is a new industry. The processing and designing of the moulds relay on practical experience and they are not bound by any set patterns in this industry. BST has a R&D team with 20 years experience in the mould processing and designing industry. With the most updated CAD-CAM design program, surface polishing and processing by CNC machine, the accuracy is guaranteed during the mould processing. BST can accomplish the processing of moulds with complex and particular designs. BST has now developed hundreds of different moulds of industrial packages and tableware for the following items: electric appliances, laptops, ceramic, tools, lights, art and crafts, health products, agricultural products, mobile phones and so on.

  • Pulp Molds
    Pulp Molds

    Pulp Molds

    Pulp Molds

    Pulp Molds

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