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With the rapid growth of fast food industry, fast food has brought not only a great convenience to the people with a fast pace of life but also a severe pollution to the nature from overusing disposable foam plastic tableware. With the strengthening of public awareness of environment protection, governments have issued regulations and restrictions on the use of foam as a raw material. Eliminating disposable foam plastic tableware is going to be a must for the future. And environmental pulp molding tableware has a great market and future in replacing disposable foam plastic tableware.

  • TW10000

    24*60*6 M

    2000-2300 kw

    2.0-2.5 T

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  • TW8000

    24*48*6 M

    1700-1850 kw

    1.7-2.0 T

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  • TW6000

    24*48*6 M

    1600-1800 kw

    1.25-1.35 T

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  • TW4000

    24*36*6 M

    1150-1350 kw

    0.85-1.0 T

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  • TW3000

    24*24*6 M

    700-900 kw

    0.6-0.8 T

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  • TW2000

    24*18*6 M

    450-550 kw

    0.4-0.5 T

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  • TWS1000

    24*18*6 M

    450-550 kw

    0.4-0.5 T

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  • TWS2000

    24*18*6 M

    450-550 kw

    0.4-0.5 T

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-- Special explanation --

Pulp molding tableware use wooden pulp, baggasse pulp as raw materials. Hydraulic pulped with clean water, chemical agents to a certain consistency, the pulp will be vacuumed and formed into wet blanks evenly to attach special forming molds by the vacuum system in the production line. Wet blanks will be dried , hot-pressed, trimmed and sterilized by related equipment. The production line of disposable molded pulp tableware is fully automatic with high efficiency and reliability and low cost of labor.
The main raw material for the pulp molding egg carton, paper pulp molding fruit tray type  of products is waste paper, which is rich in resources. The use of water during production is close recirculate, and no waste water or polluted air will be produced. Pulp molding products can be recycled and decomposed into organic matter in nature like ordinary papers after used. Its is a completely environmental friendly product.
The appliance of molded pulp tableware among the world has just began, and it has became the ideal product in fast food industry for its low price and well performance.
Our company has developed various capacities of production lines to meet different needs of unique clients such as:
1. Fully-Automatic Turn-Over Tableware Pulp Molding Production Line, including :
TW2000 Pulp Molding Production Line;
TW3000 Pulp Molding Production Line;
TW4000 Pulp Molding Production Line;
TW6000 Pulp Molding Production Line;
TW8000 Pulp Molding Production Line;
TW10000 Pulp Molding Production Line;
2.Semi-Automatic Tableware Pulp Molding Production Line, including:
TWS1000 Pulp Molding Production Line;
TWS2000 Pulp Molding Production Line
Production Lines mentioned above can be used to produce the following disposable tableware such as meal boxes, plates, etc.