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Old news paper, old carton , edge paper material and other waste paper from factories that make paper products can be used as the raw material for Pulp molding disposal medical products. The pulping system turns raw material into pulp of certain consistency through pulping, screening, and chemical agents adding. the pulp will be vacuumed and formed into wet blanks evenly to attach special forming molds by the vacuum system in the production line. Wet blanks will be transferred to drying system and get hot-pressed by the hot-pressing machine.

The main raw material for the pulp molded disposal medical products is waste paper, which is rich in resources and low in price. It is a comprehensive development and utilization of waste. The use of water during production is close recirculate, and no waste water or polluted air will be produced. Pulp molded products can be recycled and decomposed into organic matter in nature like ordinary papers after used. Its is a completely environmental friendly product.

The Main consumption of energy that can be used in drying system are: Diesel, natural gas and steam. Customer can choose base on the local prices. Other options are coal and black mineral oil. Steam and heat-conducting oil boiler will be required when coal or black mineral oil are applied. Investment cost and space of equipment will have to increase accordingly.

With the significant features of disposal , degradable and anti-infecting, pulp molding disposal medical products have been widely used in most developed countries. 

The diversity of pulp molding industrial packaging production line is the key to meet various needs of different pulp molded products that are required from customers, as the mould is made exclusively and correspondingly to match the product.

And Local labor, energy, space, and climate have to adapt with the various needs of pulp molding industrial packages because of different requirements of the pulp molded products from different clients..

BST has developed production lines with various capacities that can be flexibly associate with other equipment to fulfill the needs of customers:

Pulp Molded Disposal Medical products can be use in hospitals, nursing homes and military bases.

  • UL1350

    30*12*5 M

    95-100 kw

    0.3-0.4 T

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