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Cosmetics packaging market scale reached 430 billion yuan, the most important investment track: environment protection and degradable

Cosmetics packaging market scale reached 430 billion yuan, the most important investment track: environment protection and degradable

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Cosmetics packaging market scale reached 430 billion yuan, the most important investment track: environment protection and degradable

(Summary description)


     In the current era of beauty economy, cosmetics,a fashionable consumer product, has gradually become the mainstream product in people’s life. Demand for beauty products has soared, with the global cosmetics market share topping $500 billion in 2019. It can be seen that the change in people’s understanding of cosmetics promotes the rapid rise of global cosmetics consumption and makes the cosmetics market enter a golden period of development.

      According to a report recently released by Marketsand Markets, the worlds second largest market consulting firm,the global cosmetics packaging is expected to grow from $49.4 billion(about RMB 345.51 billion) in 2020 to $60.9 billion(about RMB 425.94 billion).

     The cosmetics industry is accelerating sustainable growth. The opposite of the trend ,however, is the fact that challenges are equal to opportunities. The huge market share includes the essential consumption of packaging resources,which challenges the environmental sustainability of beauty brands. More and more beauty brands pay more attention to the sustainable development of the environment while pursuing product sales.

      Environmental protection is the most discussed topic today. A whole new group of consumers represented by Generation Z, is emerging and their attitudes and preferences are particularly evident: they are more willing to pay for products and brands with social value. According to European Consumer Reports, 13% of Gen Z consumers globally and 25% in China are particularly concerned about the actions brands are taking to protect the environment.

      Brands should strive to reduce excess packaging and ensure that packaging is as sustainable and recyclable as possible in order to win more customers.

     As green packaging, pulp molding packaging can be recycled,natural degradation, and the whole production cycle of the product does not cause harm to the human boby and the environment. Fully in line with the world’s developed countries on the development of green packaging put forward “3R1D”,  namely Reduce,Reuse,Recycle and Degradable. The pulp molding boutique packaging in the wave of packaging industry shining.

     The biggest highlight of pulp molding products is derived from naural fiber, from nature,return to nature,natural degradation +100% recycling, completely fit the concept of environmental protection, for the green mountains are gold and sliver mountains.

    In addition to the functions of protection, functionality, decoration and luxury, pulp molding packaging can bring consumers a more efficient and pleasant visual enjoyment. It can also meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of consumers, and give full play to the cultural value and brand value of cosmetic packaging.

     Because it is based on plant fiber products, its printable performance is far better than the traditional blister, in the consumer packaging market, there is more room for development.

     In the past 10 years, more and more packaging manufacturers have joined the ranks of practicing "environmental protection 3R", but while the factory production technology has improved and the concept has been updated, the sustainable packaging industry still faces many problems:it will cause a certain scale of resources to be wasted or polluted, and the remanufacturing cost will increase. Returning to the production of sustainable packaging, the mature whole industry chain needs to be more sensitive to capture this logic.

    Pulp molding packaging production basically no “three waste” discharge,  coupled with a reasonable water treatment system, basically can achieve zero discharge, the biggest advantage is that it can be 100% rapid regeneration and recycling.

    Because of its strong research and development strength from process technology research and development, equipment, mold manufacturing and pulp molding product production, BESURE Technology's fully automatic high-quality work package production line can achieve from outer packaging to inner lining, from visual beauty to economical and practical, It fully meets the market needs of personalized customization, rationalized storage and transportation, cost optimization and resource utilization maximization of boutique packaging, and is widely used in high-end electronic product packaging, cosmetic packaging, high-end liquor packaging, high-end gift box packaging, handicraft packaging and other fields .

The advantage of BESURE Technology Fully Automatic Fine-art Packaging Production Line:


1.Higher operation accuracy

The whole machine is driven by servo motor, with high speed and high precision.


2.Can produce small angle products

With cold pressing function,it can produce small angle products, local zero angle.


3.More refined products

It can realize under-cut one-time forming, to ensure that the bottom of the product has a uniform thickness and a high degree of standardization.


4.More cleaner and safer

The equipment is all servo mechanical structure, no pollution caused by leakage of hydraulic system,There is no need to replace hydraulic oil. All movement positions are fully covered, and sensors are configured to ensure safe operation.


5.Smart and more cost-effective

The production line can realize fully automatic integrated production, one worker can control two machines, and the latter part can realize automatic detection, film packaging, packing, etc., which greatly saves labor and realizes "unmanned factory".


Cosmetics industry, standing at the forefront of the market,can perceive more changes from consumers,and this field is also the fastest-growing market for pulp molding packaging.


Based on the practical application of green degradable materials,while ensuring packaging innovation, but also ensuring the reliability and environmental protection of production, BESURE automatic pulp molding machine allows you quickly overtake in the packaging track, to achieve a double increase in market share and profit.


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