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How egg tray making machine works

How egg tray making machine works

(Summary description)About egg tray making machine-how it works

How egg tray making machine works

(Summary description)About egg tray making machine-how it works


How egg tray making machine works


Have you watched the running video of besure drum egg tray making machine? Check out the video below, we can change molds in real production to produce different types of products such as egg cartons, fruit trays and cup holders.


Main feature

High ROI

Excellent molding technology;

Equipped with 6-layer drying line, high efficiency and energy saving;

Stronger with less product deformation.


Application scenarios

egg tray

egg carton

fruit tray

cup holder etc



Four characteristics


High product quality

Adopt one-piece drum, more precise assembly, bring higher quality products

The whole drum is made of steel;

CNC machining reduces assembly errors, reduces mold setting time, and makes assembly transfer more accurate;

Forming dies and transfer dies are easier to match, saving time.


Run Smoothly

Pure mechanical power design, more stable operation and more humanized design

There is only one motor for the forming machine and drying line;

Reliable operation and simple operation;

Less downtime and less maintenance time;

The drying line adopts the door to the side, which is convenient to observe the internal situation.


Strong & Sturdy

One-piece cast formwork

more durable;

Select high-quality materials, long service life;

Equipment failure rate is low.


Save Money

Drying line patented heat recovery

Use the recovered heat to preheat the product to reduce the deformation of the final product;

The exhaust gas is recycled and reused to reduce drying energy consumption and save energy.



How are Pulp Molded Egg Trays formed?

Pulp molding egg tray production line is composed of pulping system, forming system, drying system and auxiliary system.


Pulping system

Mainly use waste paper as raw material. The hydraulic pulper beats waste paper boxes, waste newspapers, corrugated cardboard, etc. Its impurities are decomposed by separating, sieving and de-layering machine to form slurry. The pulp is prepared according to the pulp forming equipment for the next process.


Molding system

The pulp is passed through the vacuum suction of the forming die to form the product, and then the pulp formed product is transferred to the next drying line through the transfer die.


Drying system

Use enough hot air to blow evenly on the surface of the pulp molding to remove the evaporated moisture in the wet product, and then send it to automatic stacking packaging after drying.




How long is the shipping time?

Estimated production time is about 2 months from receipt of order, payment of deposit or letter of credit.


Will you arrange for an engineer to install it?

Our company arranges 2 people to guide the installation, and the customer arranges the installation. It usually takes 60-90 days depending on the number of devices purchased.


Is your machine ROI high? How long will it take to pay back?

The rate of return is high, generally 2-3 years can be paid back.


How many countries use your device?

Besure has helped more than 400 customers in more than 100 countries to build factories with leading capabilities and quality production.


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