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Pulp Molding Molds
Tableware Molds
Common Tableware Molds Types: cake plate, cup lid,round plate,food container,bowl,dish etc.
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Egg tray mould
Common egg tray mold types: 10 egg trays, 15 egg trays, 20 egg trays, 30 egg trays, 48 egg trays.
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Egg box mould
Common egg box mold types: 18 egg boxes, 9+9 egg boxes, 15 egg boxes, 12 egg boxes, 6+6 egg boxes, 10 egg boxes, 8 egg boxes, 6 egg boxes.
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Fruit tray mould
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Ordinary tooling mould
Common types of common work bag molds: electronic product packaging, small household appliance packaging, industrial component shockproof inner packaging, paper trays, paper lining, etc.
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Fine work bag mould
Commonly used high-quality work bag mold types: crafts, mobile phones, daily necessities, digital products and other exquisite high-end lining or outer packaging.
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