Paper Cutlery Tray

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Paper Cutlery Tray

Common types of paper cutlery trays: square plates, round plates, etc.
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Overview of pulp tableware:

1.Product raw materials: bagasse, bamboo pulp board, wood pulp board, reed pulp board, straw pulp board. Palm pulp board, etc., which are degradable and environmentally friendly products.

2.Making machine:Pulp Molding Production Line.

3.Processing customization: customized design and production according to the actual needs of customers.


Pulp tableware product features:

1.Waterproof and oil proof,Water resistance up to 100 ℃, oil resistance up to 100 ℃, no leakage.

2.Application,Can be used in microwave and refrigerator.

3.Green Products,Natural materials, green and low-carbon, non-toxic and harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly, no pollution.

4.recycle ,Recycled paper is biodegradable and compostable.



Product parameters of commonly used paper cutlery tray:

The following data is for reference only, and can be customized according to the specific needs of guests.



(Length*Width*Height mm)



Pieces/Package Bag/Box

Carton size

(Length*Width*Height mm)

Square plate 96*67*6 25 150 4 500*260*365
disc 152.4*12.7 6.5 125 8 330*320*335
Oval disk 254*19*25.4 17 125 4 365*275*410



Molded Pulp
Molded Pulp
paper plates
environmentally friendly
Green Products
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Paper Mold Equipment Solution

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Used to produce pulp molded coffee cup lids, beverage cup lids and other products.
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Pulp tableware products
It can be customized, with a variety of styles and increasingly used. It will replace other non-degradable tableware products such as plastic and foam. Healthy, safe, pollution-free, degradable and environmentally friendly. Common types of pulp tableware: lunch boxes, soup bowls, dishes, cup lids, etc.
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