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Pulp Molding Cup Lid Production Line

Pulp Molding Cup Lid Production Line

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Pulp Molding Cup Lid Production Line

The pulp molded cup lid production line is composed of a pulping system, a host device, a vacuum system, a high-pressure water system and an air compressor system, and is used to produce disposable pulp molded cup lids. The production line uses sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, reed pulp, straw pulp and other pulp boards as raw materials, and it is prepared into a pulp with a certain concentration through the processes of hydrapulping, refining, adding chemical additives, etc. It is evenly attached to a special metal mold to form a wet blank product, and then a disposable pulp molded product is produced through the drying, hot pressing, punching and trimming, and stacking processes. The average production capacity of the host system is 100,000 pieces / day. And it can be customized per the actual situation of customers.
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The feature of the host system is integrated with forming, hot pressing, punching, trimming and stacking. It is automatically and continuously completed. This greatly saves the site, labor and power consumption, and improves the start-up rate, product qualification rate and product quality and with easy maintenance.
Specification as below:



Equipment Composition

Forming,Hot Pressing, Trimming, Stacking

Platen Size


Capacity Each Machine

100,000pcs/day(basing on 80 cup lids) or 300-500kg(High-end Industrial Packaging, Capacity differs according to specific style)

Outline Dimension(mm)


Forming Type

Single-sided flipping suction molding

The forming minimum shut height is 130mm


Hot-press standard mold closing height


Forming Pressure

Hot pressing pressure 30T

Trimming Pressure


Product height


Workable Product angle (degree)


Heating Method

Electricity or thermal oil heating

Control method

PLC + touch screen


The above parameters are for reference. Due to the continuous development of technology, relevant data will be continuously updated


1.High Automation
All the processes are completed automatically through the line.

2.Capable of producing negative angle products such as cup lids
The equipment has high positioning accuracy and cold extrusion function.

3.Fast speed, high precision and good controllability
The whole machine is driven by servo motor.

The following data is for reference only, and can be customized according to the specific needs of guests.


Models Output Capacity Floor Staff Electricity Water
TL200 200000pcs/day 18 * 40Height≥5M 3persons/shift 380-400KW/Hour 0.1-0.2Tons/Hour
TL400 400000pcs/day 24 * 56Height≥5M 5persons/shift 700-710KW/Hour 0.2-0.3Tons/Hour
TL600 600000pcs/day 28 * 64Height≥5M 7persons/shift 1010-1030KW/Hour 0.4-0.5Tons/Hour
TL800 800000pcs/day  28 * 104Height≥5M 9persons/shift 1370-1390KW/Hour 0.5-0.6Tons/Hour
TL1000 1000000pcs/day 28*120Height≥5M 11persons/shift 1640-1660KW/Hour 0.6-0.7Tons/Hour
TL1600 1600000pcs/day 36*144Height≥5M 18persons/shift 2570-2580KW/Hour 1.1-1.2Tons/Hour
TL2400 2400000pcs/day 36*184Height≥5M 26persons/shift 3830-3850KW/Hour 1.6-1.7Tons/Hour
TL3200 3200000pcs/day 45*176Height≥5M 34persons/shift 5100-5200KW/Hour 2-2.5Tons/Hour

pulp molded
cup lid
production line
Environmental protection
Energy saving
Disposable cup lid
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