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Automatic Reciprocating Tray Production Line

Automatic Reciprocating Tray Production Line

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Automatic Reciprocating Tray Production Line

The automatic reciprocating tray production line is composed of the pulping system, forming system, drying system, stacking system, vacuum system, high pressure water system and air compressor system. It is used to produce egg trays, fruit trays, beverage tray,s wine trays, coffee care, medical care and other products. Using waste paper such as newspaper, carton paper, office paper, scrap and other waste materials as raw materials, it is prepared into a slurry with a certain concentration through hydraulic crushing, filtration, water injection and other processes, and is vacuumed on a special metal mold by a reciprocating molding machine. It is absorbed into a wet billet, then dried by a drying line, and then stacked.
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The host system consists of a reciprocating forming machine, a six-layer drying line and a stacking machine. The high degree of automation of the whole line saves labor costs; flexible production and provides easy maintenance.
Specification as below:
Models ET1800
Production Line Composition

Forming System:1Platen reciprocating forming (with the function of washing mold / product burrs, equipped with preheating system)

Drying System: 6 layer drying line

Stacking System: Single channel stacker (with automatic counting function)

Production Line Composition(mm) 2250x400
design capacity of production line(based on 30cell egg tray) 1800pcs/hour
Forming Type Reciprocating pulp suction and forming
Forming Cycle Time ≤ 5 plates/minute
Mold Distribution Mold Distribution 5pc/drop; 6pc/drop(basing on 30 cells egg tray)
Product Height ≤70mm
Heating Fuels Gas, Thermal oil, LPG, LNP or steam(if with steam, the drying system is to be lengthened basing on the specific output capacity)
Control Method PLC + touch screen
Remarks The above parameters are for reference. Due to the continuous development of technology, relevant data will be continuously updated



Equipped with a single-layer high-efficiency drying line to save natural gas.
2.Iow Mold Input
The cost of supporting molds is low.
3.Flexible Production
Can produce a variety of products flexibly.
4.Easy Operation and Maintenance
The operation is simple, and ordinary operators can perform maintenance.


The following data is for reference only, and can be customized according to the specific needs of guests.


Models Output Capacity Floor Staff Electricity Water
ET1800 1800pcs/hour 50*18Height≥4M 3persons/shift 110-130KW/Hour 0.3-0.5Tons/Hour



production line
egg trays
fruit trays
beverage tray
wine tray
Environmentally friendly products
Energy saving
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